World’s First Playable Jigsaw Vinyl

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World’s First Playable Jigsaw Vinyl

You settle down to listen to your favourite wax, only to find that someone has left a piece out of the box.

Part of the joy of record collecting has to be the ritual involved in playing a disc. Taking it out the sleeve, a gentle clean, lining up the needle and relaxing into your favourite chair to while away the hours. The latest release from London trio ‘Sugar Coat’ are changing all that by getting one lucky person to complete a jigsaw first.

In what is the most bizarre and unique way to launch a debut, they’ve created 35 one off 7″ singles. Designs vary from Faux-fur to mirror discs, to the jigsaw puzzle record where you literally piece together the disc before hitting play.

The mirror vinyl record that's available

The mirror vinyl record that’s available

Created at a pressing plant in Finland, the group say ‘Music must have plenty of ‘magick and mystery’, so we’re keen that our early singles are very difficult to get hold of.’

Launching their debut single ‘Me Instead’ you can try to get your hands on one from September 26th. If you fail then in December, the group will create eight 8″ records of their next release.