You Pick,
We Press!

The Public Vote

Hurd is a vinyl record club pressing the best new and exciting artists to limited edition vinyl every month. Who gets pressed? Well that’s where you come in. Each month we introduce ten new artists we think have HUGE potential. Have a listen, see what you think, and vote for who YOU want pressed to wax. At this stage, anyone can vote. But you only get one – so cast it wisely! The five artists with the most nominations here then go on to the next stage.

The Member Only Vote

Once the five artists with the most votes has been determined, it’s over to the record club subscribers for the final say. From the 9th April, Hurd members will then have one week to listen to all five, and vote for which they’d like on vinyl. The artist with the most votes by our members will then get pressed to wax for June’s edition of the record club. 

The Finalists!

Listen to the tracks by clicking the artist’s name

Girl In Red

Girl In Red is the front of 19 year old Marie from Norway. Beautiful relaxed summer vibes contradict the sorrowful lyrics of her real life experiences. This girl is something special. Listen to the two tracks we’ll be pressing if Girl In Red wins the final vote below.


summer depression

i wanna be your girlfriend

Lewis Shepperd

Lewis Shepperd is a talented solo artist from the Isle Of White. Think Jack Johnson come the old Ed Sheeran… a little like Lewis Bootle (who we pressed to wax last year!) The two tracks we’ll be pressing should Lewis get the vote are below.

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Great News

Great News are a feel good indie group from Norway. Their shoegaze dream vibes are there to uplift you. If these guys win the vote, hear the two tracks we’ll be pressing below.

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You’re Mine

Special Place

The Recreation

The Recreation are four guys from Manchester creating music suiting their location. It’s low fi, rough and ready indie rock. Listen to the two tracks below to hear what we’ll be pressing should these guys win.

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Lacuna Bloome

Lacuna Bloome are a four piece from Brighton producing catchy indie rock. It’s low-fi, full of attitude and totally catchy. The tracks we’ll be pressing if these four win are below.

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Only One


Nieves are an alternative four piece from Glasgow blending rock with Bon Iver style electronic sounds. They’ve just released their debut album, and you can listen to the two tracks from this we’ll be pressing to wax should these guys win!

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(You Will) Change

Exist and Expire


Porshyne are a five piece from Brighton producing atmospherical alternative rock. They’ve an ability to make rock a warming listen. If  Porshyne are the overall winners, we’ll be pressing the tracks below to colour vinyl.

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Miles Away


Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep are a dream pop trio from Belfast championing catchy hooks. If these guys win, we’ll be pressing the tracks below.

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The Feeling Back

All In

Holiday Party

Holiday Party are an indie pop duo bringing sweet vocals to care-free summer tracks. It’s indie pop with electronic production. If these two win, we’ll be pressing the tracks below.

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Dream State

I’m Still Here


Midden are a four piece from Manchester showcasing rough and unrefined at its best. These guys are the grassroots. We’l be pressing the two tracks below should they win the vote.






What is the Hurd record club?

We run a monthly subscription based record club.  Every month, we press an exciting emerging artist to limited edition colour 7” vinyl, and post it to our members. With it, they also receive our A3 pull-out The Fold full of new music musings and a full length interview with the artist, and a one-off art print and lyric sheet. The club costs £9.99 a month, and members can cancel anytime. You can join here

How will I know who wins?

Make sure you sign up to the newsletter when you vote, and we’ll send you an email after the 1st April when the public voting stage is over. Here we’ll you know which five artists are going through to the next stage. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with all announcements by following our Facebook page.

How can I take part in the member vote?

When the public vote closes on the 1st April we’ll announce the five finalists who are going to the member only vote which opens on 9th April.

For this stage, voting rights are reserved for Hurd record club members only and so you’ll have to be a current subscriber to be able to get involved. If you’re not yet a member and would like to place a vote when the member vote opens; you can join the record club here.

How do I Vote?

Listen through the ten finalists and you’ll see the space to place your vote underneath the finalists links. We’ll need your name and email address as everyone is only allowed one vote so we need to monitor this!

Your vote will be counted and the winner will be announced after the 18th March.

How can I get a copy of the winner’s vinyl?

The winning artist will be pressed to vinyl for June’s edition of our record club and therefore you will need to be a member of our club during the month of June to receive the winner’s vinyl. If you’re not yet a member, you can join here.