Your Band.
On Vinyl.

Hurd is a record club with a difference. Every month our members choose an artist or a band that they would like to press to vinyl. Submit your tracks for your chance to get pressed.

You What?

Let’s start at the beginning. Every month our members are sent a special package. In it is a unique 7 inch single, four craft beers or ciders, our in house magazine and special merch.
Our aim is to spread the word about awesome music. Discovery is at the heart of the club. Discover new music, discover awesome new beers/ciders.
As part of this, our members get to decide the bands that get pressed for the record club. Each month they are presented with a shortlist of tracks submitted to us. Whoever comes out on top of the member vote we approach to press to wax.

What's In It For Me?

It’s a tricky one. Why get involved in a project like this? Well.. Producing vinyl ain’t cheap and let’s be honest it looks pretty sick. Your music will be heard by music fans around the EU and you’ll be featured in our in house magazine. We’ll also give you 50 free record for you to sell at gigs direct to your fans. For any other questions drop us a line! We’ll clear anything up as quickly as possible.

Let's Crack On!

Hopefully, you’re interested. We’re not here to fuck you over or dictate what brand of T Shirt you need to wear in your artwork. We’re music fans who set this up to share awesome stuff.
To get involved, click the link below. It’ll take you to a form to fill out some details. You may not hear from us straight away but keep an eye out to see if you make the shortlist! Also.. T&Cs.. click here if you’re interested.


What is the Hurd record club?

We run a monthly subscription based record club.  Every month, we press an exciting emerging artist to limited edition colour 7” vinyl, and post it to our members. With it, they also receive our in-house magazine, The Periodical, and a piece of one-off merch. Members can also choose our vinyl and craft drinks boxes, where they can receive all this with four different craft drinks from independent producers (craft beers of ciders). The club costs £23.99 a month, and members can cancel anytime.

I’m an artist, how can I apply?

If you’ve read the terms and conditions and are happy you are eligible to apply, fill in the artist submission application form. That’s it – we’ll have a listen and consider your submission.

Who can Apply?

We accept artist submissions from artists within Europe only. All group members, and solo artists must be aged 18 or over. You must own the rights to the tracks you are submitting, and have permission from all parties relevantly associated with the production. Contact us first if you’re not sure if we’ll accept your submission. Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

What genre of music is accepted?

We don’t limit ourselves to any one genre as who knows where the next bit of brilliance will be. If you think you’re creating something awesome, there’s a good chance we will too. Check out our previous releases on ‘The Family’ section on our home page – that might help you see what we’ve said yes to in the past…

When Will I Hear if I Have Made a Shortlist?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to contact artists who are not successful. If you have made a final five shortlist, we’ll contact you using the contact details you used in your application. We’ll keep your submission on file, so you may be shortlisted in a different month that you submit an application and contacted then.