Each Month You'll Receive:
  • A COLOUR 7″ Copy of our record of the month
  • Four craft beers from independent producers
  • Our in house magazine, complete with interviews and beer guides
  • Awesome merch like stickers, art prints and other bits and bobs
  • Voting rights to choose which artist we release next month!

Use code VINYLME at checkout and receive a free extra record in your first box!

How The Club Works…


So much music goes missed! Artists from the UK submit their records to us, you vote on your favourite and we press them to vinyl


Every pressing is limited and we will sell out. Also we give the artists 50 free records as well for them to sell on... Plus they keep all the rights!


The craft beer scene is insane! We match the records with four craft beers varying the style up each month. Perfect way to enjoy your new record.


The boxes are packed and should be with you around the 24th of each month. It's couriered so deliver to a place where it can be signed for!

Membership is £23.99 per month. You can cancel anytime and control your profile from your account page.

Take a Peak Inside One of Our Boxes

Here’s what you’ll get delivered each month. It’s all packed up and delivered to you! We’ll write your name on the side of the box, get it out to our courier and it’ll be with you around the 24th each month!

How Does the Member Voting Work?

Hurd is all about discovery. By joining you will find incredible artists and taste new flavours. Each month bands from the UK submit their tracks to us. We curate a shortlist of 5 artists alongside another new music brand. You then get to choose which one gets pressed to vinyl. Often this is out of the reach to smaller artists and you’ll be there right at the start of their journey!

You Mentioned FREE vinyl?

Stick the code VINYLME in when you sign up for your first box and you’ll get a free record from our back catalogue! The club isn’t restricted to genre, check out our playlist to hear what to expect! Each edition is colour. It will be a random record unless you let us know which you’d prefer. Enjoy!


In This Month’s Box!

Artist of the Month: Tusk

We’re incredibly excited to bring you for the first time on wax, Tusk. Tusk are a five piece indie guitar group from Nottingham producing addictive chiming melodies which ring out underneath warm but rugged vocals. Known for their energy on stage, their ones to catch live too – and that’s a huge hint at what’s to come.

On the Limited Bright Yellow Vinyl you’ll receive ‘On Ice’ and ‘Do It All Again’

Membership is £23.99 per month, with FREE UK delivery – Join today and start discovering amazing music and taste new flavours!

The Story…

Hurd was set up towards the end of 2016 by Jack and Gabby. After always being fans of discovering new music they decided to take a couple of major steps in their lives. Quitting their jobs to work on something they believed in, the club was launched. The essence of it was to make something they would enjoy to be part of, promote new music alongside independent producers and push forward a new generation of artists.

Seeing Hands