You Pick,
We Press!

Hurd members get to decide which band we press to vinyl each month. For February, we’ve teamed up with new music site The Revue to choose five artists across a range of genres. Listen through below, see what takes your fancy, and cast your vote wisely. The band with the most votes will be released on vinyl for your edition in March. You’ll have to be logged in to your account to place your vote – as it’s only up to you, the Hurd members! Any votes from unregistered emails won’t be counted! Want to become a Hurd member and vote? Simply join Hurd today on any subscription plan and your email will be accepted to register a vote. 


The Finalists!

Listen to the tracks by clicking the artist’s name

Johnny Kills

Johnny Kills are trio from Brighton/London creating what they call garage-surf.  “Our music is about being in your early 20s and clueless; fuzzy and anxious tunes for fuzzy and anxious times.”  Should these take your fancy, you’ll be getting Not So Bad and End Game on limited edition colour vinyl.

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Not So Bad

End Game


VIOLET are a five piece form the Midlands creating powerful and addictive indie guitar tracks. They’re at the beginning of what will hopefully be an exciting music career with only one track released to the world as of yet. “Drenched in big sounds with an indie spark, combining influences that draw from 90s Grunge to Britpop” is how they describe themselves. Should VIOLET come out on top, we’ll be pressing their yet to be released track Jaded with Feel.

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Coming Soon

Fick As Fieves

Fick As Fieves are indie rock trio from what they call a sleepy seaside town – Aldeburgh, Suffolk. We’ll let them sum up their sound: “[we] play an upbeat style of indie rock with riff driven ear worms and tight catchy hooks.” They’ve got a brand new EP coming out soon – and as luck would have it we’ll be pressing two brand new tracks if it’s these guys Hurd members go for.

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Previous release

Lauran Hibberd

Lauran Hibberd is a twenty year old indie pop artist from the Isle of White. She’s already played the main stage at Bestival and supported acts like Clean Cut Kid (as well as last month’s winner Jerry Williams!). She told us “the first thing I say when I meet new people is ‘Don’t tell me stories, I’ll write songs about them’ which reflects the meaning behind her tracks. Should it be Lauran Hibberd that gets the vote – we’ll be pressing Is This What Adults Do? and Eliza.

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Is This What Adults Do?



Have a 60s spiritual awakening with TV Me – these guys are a trio from Liverpool producing future pop. It’s a little Sgt. Peppers meet Fleet Foxes meet Simon and Garfunkel.  Here’s what they say: “tracks inspired by childhood, Playstations, memories of old computers and regurgitated pop culture.” If  TV Me get the majority, we’ll be pressing two tracks from their new EP which is due for release imminently – Stitches and Mountain Biplane.

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Mountain Biplane



What is the Hurd record club?

We run a monthly subscription based record club.  Every month, we press an exciting emerging artist to limited edition colour 7” vinyl, and post it to our members. With it, they also receive our A3 pull-out The Fold full of new music musings and a full length interview with the artist, and a one-off art print and lyric sheet. The club costs £9.99 a month, and members can cancel anytime. You can join here

How will I know who wins?

We’ll send all members an email after the 11th Feburary when the vote has closed. You’ll also be able to keep up to date with all announcements by following our Facebook page.

How do I Vote?

Voting rights are reserved for Hurd record club members only and so you’ll have to be a current subscriber to be able to get involved. Simply log in to your account and then revisit this page – you’ll be able to place your vote using the poll. Any problems, email [email protected]

If you’re not yet a member and would like to place a vote; you can join the record club here.

Your vote will be counted and the winner will be announced after the 11th February

How can I get a copy of the winner’s vinyl?

The winning artist will be pressed to vinyl for April’s edition of our record club and therefore you will need to be a member of our club during the month of April to receive the winner’s vinyl. If you’re not yet a member, you can join here.